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Clan of Minh are a multigaming clan who have been around since July 2005. The clan started gaming purely in Vietcong - a first person shooter set in the cambodian foothills of the late 1960's. It pits U.S. special forces against local VC & NVA units - fighting it out in the jungles, coastal areas & swamps.

During the summer of 2006 it was decided that other games were of great interest to the clan and members began branching out into new games. After a brief look at VC2 the clan were very disappointed and the VC2 community and gaming never really had a chance. So the clan's games of choice became VC, BF2, CSS & COD4. In early 2008 clan leader Martyr (aka mOm) moved to Australia for personal reasons...

Today, the clan enjoy max respect from the VC and ex-VC gaming community. Minh always looked for nice people who have a passion for gaming and are interested in our clan and what we stand for: fun, fairplay, sneaky persistence & teamwork. Some members are still active on the forum and site shoutbox, so drop by and say "hi" sometime. There are always fun games to be had :)

Martyr crawling the tunnels Warrior sneaking up with a knife U.S. soldier feels the wrath of Fury's machete The Big Minh in close support Shotanamos senses danger in Halong PropheT watches for the slightest movement LeGenD ~ rarely seen Trail guarding out of sight Tears covering with AK47 Cub has a plan

Where did it all begin?

Hell hath no Fury!Life began in cavesCo-founders' command bunker
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It all began around December 2004 when Johnny mentioned to Marty that he'd been playing a 'shoot-em-up' called Vietcong. After a few months Marty got his hands on a copy because he had tried several war games & wanted to play as a VC soldier for a change. Pretty soon the they were ripping into Multiplayer action on as many servers as possible. As Johnny honed his sniper skills, Marty fell in love with his Scorpion & started making some 'Minh maps'. At this stage it was all for fun - but the concept was born: to be different from the other clans... to be... "of Minh".

Martyr joined [sAs] clan but after a while the clan went in to hibernation so it felt like the right time for the Clan of Minh to emerge. Their friend Soti was the first to sign up & the three of them formed the founding core. Fury & Trail were next & when more of the [sAs] crew heard, they were keen to have a look in on our rice supplies. Soon the Minh ranks were swelling with at first the TwinZ {GooD & EviL} joined to complete the basic war-ready squad. Map makers Cub & Tears joined us next followed by Butcher & Sanctuary. Minh Mapping soon started to take off with an average of one new map every 2 weeks!

Ancient, Shadow, Devil, GanJa & Ghost were the next to join & inject a more serious element to warring and help shore up the ranks. The word soon got out & before long, new members came into the fold. New members like Dao, Plu$, Sexy Beast, Furry Butt, Samurai, Dragon & Mercy soon joined. Then more members joined: Son, Wizard, CautioN, N@zgul, Faith, Communist & more recently Rising, Phoenix & the new CSS recruits TheClash, Jocobite & HosiHoser. If you're interested in joining us in any game we play, then we want to hear from you! You’ll need a mixture of team ethics, guts, tenacity, cunning as well as a good attitude.

October 2018

After many years of very low activity, it seemed like the clan and its members had entirely disappeared. But Rising (aka gaza) kept his COOP games going and one day Marty stumbled in. With a renewed passion for the game, Marty started mapping again and has been an active member of the community on various sites and Discord servers. So the story continues...

Sanctuary plans the new offensive Soul taking sniper position Butcher hunts for breakfast Ancient can read your mind... just look into his eyes! A rare moment when GanJa is standing still Plu$ provides covering fire Ghost waits for his opportunity to strike Sexy Beast ~ instant sexy cover! $amurai gets closeup & personal Dao & his knife search for prey
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