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Son of a Minh : 03/05/2020 12:23:30

How is everyone? :D

mOm : 10/04/2020 02:03:45

All done Patrik. Thanks for posting here ;)

_____Patrik_____ : 06/04/2020 20:28:01

Could somebody delete my BAN? i had it for fast flags on small map. my IP is Thank you :)

Samurai : 03/04/2020 10:57:40

Now playing Call of Duty Warzone :)

mOm : 27/03/2020 18:34:36

One positive side effect of the crazy time we are in: VC servers are buzzing again... 10 v 10 Halong and NVA etc!

Samurai : 18/03/2020 08:58:17

The fire is still burning, good work guys!

mOm : 11/02/2020 13:04:03

Please donate via the PayPal button on his website:

mOm : 11/02/2020 13:03:23

Personal request: if you have played Gonzo's maps like G_Trenches and G_Pyramid, please consider buying him a coffee or a beer. He has done so much free work for the community and helped me personally many times. He could use our help right now...

gaza : 20/01/2020 15:39:05

on way to grab it :)

mOm : 20/01/2020 13:12:02

New Minh map 'Dian Country' released today. Featuring 6 different game modes including one new mode: Hold the Flag ~ enjoy!

Wiz : 20/01/2020 00:05:38

Happy new year everyone!

sonic : 19/01/2020 22:23:50

Happy new year, see you in jungle ;)

gaza : 14/01/2020 20:20:05

jAjA! Happy late woop woop new year too :)

mOm : 07/01/2020 20:54:11

Happy new year to all! Best wishes for 2020. If anyone is ants to contact me directly, just use the email at the bottom of this site. @Wiz - all good thanks. Hope you are well ;)

Wizard : 03/12/2019 15:03:58

Hi guys. How is everyone doing? Just checking in. Nice to see you are still involved in VC, Martyr. Rocking those maps. Hope you all are okay.

mOm : 17/10/2019 10:00:25

New Minh map 'Escape' released today ~ enjoy!

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NEWS » Vietcong is back!

We've all dipped in and out of games over the years but many would agree that it was a sad day when VC became unplayable due to new systems and graphics cards.

But between 2014-2017, new tools and patches, made by members of the community like Brchi, have opened the doors for VC once again. Read more on Vietcong 4 Ever...

The clan are also proud to announce a new VC server is now live: Server of Minh ^ 2019 ^

NEWS » Minh TV (YouTube of Minh)

Rumours are out that indicate Martyr's private collection of video surveillance has been de-classified. mOm has decided to release his favorite in-game 'Vietcong' videos to YouTube ~ exclusively to Minh TV.

Coming soon in 2020!

NEWS » Minh maps still popular

Clan of Minh's custom VC maps logged over 11000 downloads between 2004-9! Since then, they have appeared on countless VC related sites.

2018 UPDATE: We are proud to announce that several new and updated maps are being created for this inspiring and legendary game. They will feature CTF, COOP, DM game modes as well as some new modes such as HTF - hold the flag! Check out our Minh Maps page for info and download links.


Minh are recruiting for BF2, CoD4 & CS:S

Clan of Minh are currently dormant but members are still playing games online.

We are still using the shoutbox on this web site home page (to the right), so if you're interested in linking up, post in the shoutbox or visit our forum.

If you like what you see and just cant help wanting dig into your pockets & throw some cash our way...

This is totally safe & all you need is to have a PayPal account. Click the PayPal logo to donate or visit the PayPal site to learn more about this secure payment system.

Server currently OFFLINE


HISTORY FOCUS: How did the real VC do it?

VC unit on riverboat

VC units frequently used quick but quiet small riverboats to traverse the countryside

Ho Chi Minh

The communist cadres' spiritual leader - Ho Chi Minh

Although the Vietcong tactics adapted & changed throughout the 'war', their tenacity and ability to 'disappear' was a constant source of strife against US forces. In the initial stages of the war the Vietcong didn't actually exist. They arose after the initial open battles destroyed much of the early NVA-led "Tet Offensive".

The Vietcong, to them, were not called the Vietcong. This was a nickname, along with "Charlie", that the U.S. first coined. The soldiers of Minh were reluctant to give their positions away but not afraid to die for their cause. Suicide bombers (or grenaders) were not uncommon in their guerilla style fighting.

Ho Chi Minh was not only an idol but a God to some! With persistence, tenacity and ruthless resolve, the VC were able to keep one step ahead of U.S. forces.

The U.S. forged some local alliances, but their reputation was marred by the devastation of their early carpet-bombing campaign -In the first year of the main bombing campaign, the US dropped more tonnage of bombs than the entire Allied World War II effort! More info about Ho Chi Minh»